I can finally hear in my bucket lol


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So on a whim, I bought an inexpensive “personal sound amplifier” off amazon. One of those units you see old people wearing in late night tv commercials, where they are Wearing a little unit the around the size of a zippo lighter around their neck, with an earpiece in, so they can hear ambient sounds better. I’m sick and tired of not being able to understand people further than 3ft away from me, with my helmet on.

this was pretty much the cheapest small profile one i found on amazon, with prime shipping. It was around $15-20 i think.

it measures:
No thicker than my usb battery bank for my fans.
I havens been able to try it with a crowd yet, but I just put my helmet on, put the 1 earpiece in, and could definitely hear my daughter’s iphone, across the room, a LOT louder, and i have this on 1/10 loudness right now.
Has anyone gotten to try anything like these units in your buckets? Was wondering how it might have performed for you on a troop.

in this first pic, the microphone is tge tiny little hole in the bottom center. Figured I’d have it pointing down and out of my helmet.