How to purchase a bobamaker?

Hey guys, I was wondering, how do you order from bobamaker? There is nothing on the site that you can pay with such as a link to paypal or something. I keep trying to email him but get an error that the message could not be sent.

Can someone please help me in this. I am ready to make a purchase but I have no clue on how I can make a payment.


Sr Hunter
I have an order in with Daz, and just received an email from him a few days ago saying he was going on 2 weeks vacation.
So it may be a little while till you get a reply. Just passin' it on. :)


I've ordered with Bobamaker in the past, and his stuff is great! The only thing is that you will not get anything "soon". It took about 5 weeks for me to get a rangefinder stalk and 2 piece earcap. It really was worth the wait though! Really top quality stuff!
Oh yea, the stuff I have seen from his is nothing but outstanding. He really deserves that 2 week vacation. But honestly, I can always wait. I am in no time constraint.


Jr Hunter
When you've placed your order, I believe the wait time is about 10 weeks for a helmet (that's what he quoted me at the time, but it could have been down to workload).

I emailed him directly, and then paid via paypal. 10 weeks later my BM helmet was on my doorstep :)