How to paint fiberglass/ black gelcoat HELP

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Chill8) . I'm new when it's about painting. And I don't know anything how it works precizely.:confused
1e I have a darth vader helmet made of fiberglass. No primer, no basecoat. Just outof the mold. What is the first step? And what primer do I use. Same with basecoat.:eek:
2e I have 2 shin guards made of fiberglass and black gelcoat. They have to become white shinguards. Same questions are asked:eek:
3e I have the chestbox made of polyuretaan. Gess what:confused What is needed here?
4e The belt. I bougth the items but I have to drill, make the boxes like they should be. There are 2 questions. First the whole stuff of painting.
Second the buckle looks good, but the background is powdercoated black. And I want to have it white. What to do:facepalm
5e The shoulder armour is already sanded, primer + 2 layers of basecoat.
Thanks I feel like a :wacko . So plewase need HELP:eek:
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If you wash the pieces in warm water with a mild detergent, and them primer the pieces with a good sandable primer, you can paint them without any problem.
I always use regular wal-mart grey primer, and I have never had any issues, and most paints when allowed to dry properly will stick to fiberglass just fine.
Resin is the material that is sometimes finicky with certain paints.
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