how should i dye my jumpsuit?

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i have a green jumpsuit that iwant to dye to the blueish ESB suit, how would i go about doing that? same w/ the vest, my vest is a lil off color (a dark tan)- could i just bleach the vest? imput please.


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OK, take it from a man who has tried...I bought postman blue Red Kapps to make my jumpsuit and thought I would be able to bleach it down to the right color. After 20 packs of RID color remover and 2 gallons of Chlorox I was never able to get it lightened to the color I wanted.

If you have a suit of poly/cotton blend you can almost hang up removing the color. The threads are made the color they are and not dyed. My advice is to get a white cotton jumpsuit and dye, never try and bleach. Problem is even if you do get the green suit's colors to fade and lighten, you will most likely destroy the fabric with all the chemicals and the suit will start falling apart.

The vest...maybe you can get enough color out of it. I would start with RID color remover, or if you have some swatches of the fabric test first with both RID and Chlorox and see which works best. Chlorox has a tendency to change the color somewhat as it bleaches.

I'm sorry to sound so down about your idea, but I just wanted you to know from my past experiences what might happen.

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I second that!! I bought a red kap charcoal grey to try and fade. However, I failed to read it was 50/50 cotton poly. NOTHING DOING!!!! Not even in the slightest did it fade! I soaked it in almost PURE bleach, and it scoffed at me! Now I will buy a 100% cotton and dye it. Do not make this mistake young Padawan! It's just wasting money.