How put together my fiberglass knees


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How I put together my fiberglass knees

As some of you know, I have been trying for the last month to get my fiberglass knees done. Well, I have started them. You will see that the sides all have tabs on them. That way you can glue them on to the main section of the knee. So, here goes!!

Pictures of them untrimmed:



Next I started to make when I needed to trim them. I used 1/4 inch pinstripping to help in marking where to cut.



They are all trimmed now. I just to put them together.
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HoM, you have a PM.

I now have everything cut out. I just need to find time to put them together. If you would like one of the first kits, please let me know.


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Awesome job BIll. I will have to wait for my metal armor to get here. I may or may not uprade but they look awesome!



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What paint would you reccomend for trash can made armor for jango style? I've heard of rub n buff but is thier anything else i would need to make it look pretty real?


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everything looks great. but is it me or is the side with the darts upside down? nevermind the last picture has them upside down but i see that they are indeed left and right and will go the right side up. very nice indeed asok. do they come in different sizes. i have noticed that some knees are a little narrow and for us big knee people they may be snug.



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Andre, I would sand my parts then rub 'n buff them. Search for Rub n buff and you will find what you are looking for.

Those where the first one's that I made. Yes they are upside down. I need to go back and fix the mold but I have not had time. Being sick for a month not helped me get them done. :/

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Bill, are you making any slightly wider knees at all for those with larger knees? If so, I'd be extremely interested.I had a pair of fiberglass Jango knees from JD, but they were about a 1/2 inch too narrow. Damn my replacement joints!