How much to charge to paint a Jet Pack?


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How much to charge to paint a Jetpack?

I've been asked to paint a :jet pack in ROTJ colors.
Painted, weathered & dirty, how much would be a fair price?

I don't want to rip anyone off, yet I'd like to be compensated fairly.

your input would be greatly appreciated.
I would say free to fellow TDH members :lol:

I will put in my 2 cents. I think at least min. 150.00 depending on how much weathering they are asking for, and other things....yet I would pay double that if I knew their work (like yours (y) )
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Tell you the truth id just charge them for supplies and a little for the work. Not even 100, but that’s just me. But id paint a few JP for free (except for supplies) just to get my work out, let everyone see and get a feel for it. Like me ive been asked to paint a few Clone helmets after the Beehive I did, im not got to charge except for supplies.
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...dude...when you paint mine it better be FREE!!!! :lol:


PS Seriously I would just charge for supplies and postage and keep the labor as a favor to ask later coupon...its the BLS way ;)

...unless of course you are thinking of making it a money maker to fund your project...$100 total otd would be do a great job (y)
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I know it seems like the 'right' thing to do, offering a great deal, cheaper to TDH members. My advice is stay consistent if you ever offer to do this again. If you quote a certain price to one person, make sure the next one gets the same deal. Word WILL get around if you show favoritism.

Also, remember that this is YOUR FREE TIME that you're charging for, so it's important to set a fair price on what's important to you. There's another thread devoted to this somewhere, and the bottom line is that the value you place on your time may be different than someone else's. In other words, someone with a family, soccer practice and church may charge more per hour for their free time than someone who has nothing to do on the weekends. :)

In summary, charge whatever you want! It's YOUR time. If others don't want to pay for your services, they can, of course, look elsewhere.

Again, most of this is simply my opinion...
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300 no less

You can paint, they can't
they don't have to pay, you don't have to paint, they ASK you to paint, you charge them for you !WORK!

it's your work, and you should have every right to ask what you want for it.

figure how much you earn with your current job per hour and calculate how long you'll be working on a paint job, then also take the hours you take for prepping the pack (sanding priming etc) getting all the materials bladiebladie bla...

I assure you... You'll get a high sum of money going that route.

It's nice you don;t want to ripp someone of, really cool attitude... but there's no reason to let it be done the other way around simply because we're all happy members of this forum... an artist is an artist... and in a few years you might never be here, but whatever you've done with that money might linger...

Pavespawn is currently offering awesome belts, heck let alone sites like Bobamakers... they for instance make bloody awesome stuff!! and nobody is desperatly in need of a boba belt in a way we need food or whatever... they don;t want to pay... they don;t... their choice, but it's the sellers choice to sell and ask any price they seem fit.

we can all do things... others can't... but it's ALOT of work to make something... they owe you money, because they are most likely not able to give you anything else back in return (in a creative way)... so bring on the hard cash!!

I'd do it for free if it was someone close to me, like your best bud who always picks you out of the trenches when your down (I made a painting of 1 m90 by 1m70 for my best friend)

any other one should pay!

And you'd be in your full right to charge!!
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Plain and simple - What will it take to make it worth YOUR while. This is a different amount for different people. If your very proficient at something, and you can do it with less effort, then that price may be lower. If the task is a royal pain, then it will take more to make it worth YOUR while. Also, like mentioned above, keep your pricing consistant, so you don't step on any toes.
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only trying to help... did I make that much of a contradictionary point? :confused

just let em pay... you deserve it! and with the money you can upgrade your own fett...
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It depends on how long it takes you, what's your time worth? If you'd like to see $20 per hour of labor put in (above the cost of materials, etc) then charge that. If you're willing to take less because you love to paint, ok, figure out how much that is. In the end I have to agree with Batninja, just be consistent.
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Thanks for the words R_Boba. Now my 2 cents and this is from experience. I started making my belts and charging just enough to basically cover the price of materials. I found out pretty quick that it consumes a TON of my time. If I were single, I could pump out 5 belts a week but since I am married with a son and another one due in a month, my time is precious.

I like to help the next guy out as much as I can but at some point I have to justify the effort. I will charge more on my next run of belts cause I can't do it for cost anymore. Note though that I will be up front about it. I'm not trying to get rich off of making belts, but the ends must justify the means.

I guess what I am saying is that whatever you charge, you will quickly find out if that price is a fair price. Honestly? If I had to paint a ROTJ pack again for money, I would be looking in the $200 to $300 price range.
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Really guys, thank you.
I've come up with a price that seems fair.
I've emailed the interested party .
we'll see if it works out.
It's not as if I plan on doing this full-time mind you. I just need some extra cash & he asked me about it.
I was actually flattered that someone deemed my work good enough to pay for.
I was thinking about the process & fully expect his pack to turn out better than mine.
Which will result in me re-painting mine again.
Unless I can sell it to someone with no skillz & buy myself another to start from scratch.
My pack is currently at a dear friend's place getting a harness added so that he can wear it this week-end.
I hope he gets some good feedback on the pack when people see it in person.

well, I think I've babbled enough.
thanx again guys.
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