How much for a jet pack?


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How much for a jetpack?

I'm lookin to get myself hooked up with a decent jet pack kit - how much should I be looking to spend, and are there any physical differences between the esb / rotj / aotc jet packs (aside from color)?
very minor ones, and this is depending on what exhibits or reference photos you use. or the maker of the jet pack used.

Some people prefer to have a larger base to the jet pack so they have room for the greeblies that were including in preproduction photos and some exhibits. Also, the exhaust port has vertical slots on some versions and horizontal on others. other than that the jet packs are mostly similar and the main difference is colors and weathering
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OK, that's good enough for me.
Now, the nasty part .... How much should I expect to pay for a kit (or is there anyone here that makes and sells em?)
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I'd guess at least $250 for a GOOD one since I've not priced one in years I'm not the best gauge in the market..It will be worth it since you'll just wind up building and upgrading as soon as you see one better. Of course if budget constraints are in effect then go with what your pocket allows..

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The cheapest you'll find for a :jet pack kit is probably $250.00 I bought one from a TDH member and was very happy with it, you have to paint and assemble. It was vacuum formed with resin rocket, jets, ect. when I got it I lined the inside seams with fiberglass and I am very happy with it. I got it from RT. (y)
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jet packs go for between $200-$400

200 would be the most basic rough kit, probably needs to be trimmed and sanded and assembled

and 400 would be mostly complete whether that means no assembly, less painting etc. etc.

unless you are in a big rush i'd wait on it for a bit, like mentioned above don't skimp on anything you are already willing to paY over a hundred dollars for because you'll just be upgrading and it'd be better to just save and purchase something oyu know you will be happy with

boba maker has a jet pack in progres. if you are interested in kits his stuff is usually awesome quality

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