How many of us own REAL Webley No1Mk1(not real resin either)

DL44 Blaster

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I don't :lol: I have to finish my costume before I go full steam ahead looking for one.The price for one readily available can be VERY high as I'm sure you all know,and I've just gotta finish this costume.I DO however have a sidearm,so I won't be totally unarmed ;)

Oh, and what a sweet Webley it is! It was built and finished by the master himself, Boba Debt. I must have it. :evil

[You don't need this blaster, you will give it to BobaFettish]

Man, I hope the Jedi mind trick is working today. :lol:
Sorry BobaFettish mod or not, Fettcicles' Webley isn't leaving the Chicagoland area you are outnumbered :evil .-Mark

Does anyone know if the one Squirk had on Ebay (only to get pulled before ending) if he was able to sell it?

I knew I should have emailed him :(

Oh well.A Webley is going in the budget for next year anyhow,so I'll find one,....heck I've got one in mind when the time arrises :evil

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I brought that thing to Wizard con.......It brought the crushing total weight of my suit to 70lbs (Not sure if that is accurate but it feels like it!) It was tireing heafting that all metal WEBELY with my little arms. It was so heavy that my good friends Bobafettish and Seeker offered to carry it around for me (Then they stuck me in a corner, ran off and took some pics with it in the plexy glass box!) I was lucky I drove (and luckier I had my car keys. Taped them to my cod piece for safe keeping!) or I might have been stranded. BF and Seeker came back eventually, they gave back the gun (They woulden't have taken it, I know where they live) When we got outside and were walking back to the car Bobafettish saw a cop crossing people and handed me back the gun and said it would look better if I were holding it.
fettcicle wrote:(Then they stuck me in a corner, ran off and took some pics with it in the plexy glass box!)
Crap, how did he find out about that? :p Oh well, here's a pic of me toting that cannon., all 11 lbs. of it.
There is nothing like a real weapon for the ultimate completion of a suit,but the weight is a killer.I took my Sterling along "Trooping" one Halloween,and the damned thing nearly made my arm numb by the end of the evening because I wouldn't let anyone else touch it.

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I think Steve Sansweet tried to break a chair over my back for my blaster, all I heard was "Hey Steve, What are you doing with that chair?" then a slight bump, then some chards of wood fly past me, but I really didn't feel any thing while in my suit, he came around and was talking to us then. I didn't catch on until security caught him outside with it....:D This is him "Being nice"
I am with ya Steve! As soon as I get this sandtrooper costume out of the way, I am turning my attention to getting a Webley. I held bobadebt's at DragonCon last year and even though he has several parts wrong, that gun is just impressive beyond words!!!I don't care how heavy it is. I WANT ONE!!!
How about some of you lucky fellas with Webleys make resin kits of them? They'd be lighter for you to carry around at cons and also might provide some of us unarmed Fetts with an affordable option ;)
MB's resin Webley kit is dead-on the real thing. I did a side-by-side comparison between Fettcicle's blasters (yes, he has both a real one and a resin one), and they only difference were the materials used and about five pounds. By the way Brak's, the blaster you are referring to is the same one that Fettcicle now owns. Beauty, isn't it?
well, soon the next best thing to a real webley may be available!! I will be offering cast bronze repros of Mk1No1 Webleys. Stay tuned... but give me a bit of time! Mold is just complete, here is a early shot of the molding

TK581 wrote:well, soon the next best thing to a real webley may be available!! I will be offering cast bronze repros of Mk1No1 Webleys. Stay tuned...

NOW WE ARE TALKING!!!!! I WANT #1 ON THAT LIST!!!!!!!!! And I too have had the chance to drool over Fettcicles Webley in person. Not sure if I hated him because of that incredible weapon or uhhh... ohhh... the other one he just got
Metal replicas?! :eek: Dude, you are slowly bumping your way to the top of my best friends list. 8) Especially since Fettcicle keeps buying all of the real ones.
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Very good news indeed!!! This is a project that has been talked about getting done for about 2 years now,and still nothing.Glad to see it coming to frutition. :) PULLEEEZZZEE keep us posted,as you know there will be alot of interest in this topic.

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