How many belts did ESB Boba wear


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gday everyone, quick question. How many belts did Boba have in Empire? Was his pistol holster on a separate belt or on the ammo belt?


I hang mine on the harness belt. When I tried putting it on the ammo belt it would just sag on that side.


When my son and I started our Boba build the first things we worked on were the Pluce and EE-3. This was over two years ago and at the time I noted that the Pluce solid cast parts
were going to make it a heavy gun in the holster. Not much we could do at the time. As it was easy to carry we took it to the convention in Orlando and had it signed by the man himself..see photo.
Recently my son found that a light weight kit was now available from the same source and I am in the process of the build so that he can use the signed gun for display.
The difference in weight is...First gun--1lb-4oz. New one --looks to come in at about 13oz. Doesn't sound like much but it should make an obvious difference however you hang it.
We've had it on the ammo belt with no problem.Tried from the harness, as was the movie version, but would have to lengthen the holster loop quite a bit. I guess body type has a lot to do with it. Logically the ammo belt should probably be the place for it.In this case who knows why they did what they did in ESB?
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This is one of several things wrong with the CRL. Thankfully, most of them, like this, are configurations that are easily changed.


I built several 501st approved costumes and I am always carefull when it comes to the crl...screencaps are the best!


I wonder if that would help me. I usually where it on my ammo belt but I’m short and the pulce taps my knee when I walk. Lifting it some would help me out.