How do you get your gaunlets to fit your rist?

I just recently recieved some RA gaunlets. but they are realy lose around my rists, the only way i can think of makin them fit better is to stuff socks in them. Id love to know how some of you THD members did it. Thanks inadvance. Much apreiciation.

I used pieces of foam I bought at WalMart and hot glued them to the inside of my gauntlets. Since I have small arms and my gauntlets were quite big, I had to use a lot. Fit great and you can't even tell there is foam inside!
I use self-adhesive weather stripping. You can find it at Home Depot. It's a roll of foam that's roughly an inch around on each side and has a self-adhesive back. Just cut small lengths of it and place it where you need it.

Works great for gauntlets :)

To anyone else interested, it can also be used to pad a helmet, or to make Stormtrooper armor fit more closely (in the arm pieces. It also can be used to reduce pieces rubbing against each other, chipping paint or gloss-finishes, and helps cut down on that clacking noise from the pieces hitting each other.

Great stuff,
Maybe you could get winter socks and cut off the feet then slide them up your forearms. LOL thats all i can come up with!!!!!
I also have a pair of highly modified RA gauntlets & I used spray contact cement to adhere a thin piece of foam to the lower half of the gauntlet shells. No problem with slippage at all!

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