How do yo get your chest lights to stay?


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Well how do you get your chest display to stay in? glue? velcro? cut the vest or not?

Last little info ill be asking about for a while.


I just duct taped mine to the back of my chestplate. I'm sure there's better ways of doing this, but I couldn't think of anything.


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I hotmelt glued mine in. Make sure to use high temp, the low temp will fall out. I also did cut a hole in my vest for it. I have shackman's lights, and they have a 2nd peice that I attached to the other side of the vest on the indside of the vest. I did that with a peice of elastic that I just sewed on.

Got Maul

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I took some pieces of plastic and created a grid that cradles the lights in place along with the other components (aka battery)