How did you connect the gauntlet halves?

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Hey, I'm just curious to anyone who's got gauntlets, how to you attach the two pieces? Do you put them together permanently and just slide your hand through, or somehow take them apart and put them on over your wrist?
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People told me to use two part epoxy and join the outside seams. This leaves the insides to open like clam shells enough for your arm to slide through. You velcro this inside seam.
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For strength, I riveted one side of the gauntlets together (the outside--all of the accessories on the outside hid the rivets) and used velcro for the inside. This way it is strong, but flexible enough to bend a little for me to get my hand through. I like the velcro because it allows me to adjust the tightness of the gautlets a little bit (I wanted them really tight to keep them from sliding around).
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I bolted the outside halves together and then covered those bolts with the outside attachments. They are completely hidden. The inside halves are attached with velcro. It's really secure and comfortable and... they don't twist.
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I am about to begin construction on my armor and would appreciate some advice. How do you put the two halves of the gauntlets together (adhesive?) so that you can easily slide your hand and arm into it without it falling apart? Also, what type of putty or filler should I use to fill in the gaps. Should I paint the pieces first?

I appreciate all of your help. I have wanted a Boba outfit since I first saw ESP. Now at 35, It will finally be realized. I don't wanna screw this up.

I would try to fill first. Usually after a coat of primer I see parts that need more filling. If you paint first sometimes the filler won't hold as well. I don't know a really good way to hold the two halves together, however I know you can get industrial velcro at home depot in about 2in wide strips.My gauntlets are fiberglass so I have a different method to hold them together.
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The real gauntlets appear to clamshell together. The outside edges are glued and the inside edges are left open but have velcro to hold them together. This relies on the plastics ability to stretch and bend a bit to get your arm through so if you have massive forarms this might not be the way you want to go.
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I just got mine too.I am going to use a CA glue for the outer seam,and then use a swatch of ABS on the inside of the seam,and epoxy it all along the seam for a permanent bond.I am going to do the original method of using velcro on the inner part of the clamshell.I would paint them after they are completely assembled.

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You know, I was checking out the Jango gauntlets at Ce2 and noticed they were HINGED all the way across. I've seen similar hinges at Lowes.
The are hinged on the fronts and probably velcroed in the rear
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I was thinking about the hinges myself. The long thin hinges, like for a storm door, right?
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They look like piano hinges & come in all kinds of sizes. These would be excellent provided the right adhesive was used to glue them to the armor.
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My gauntlets are glued together as one piece. My forearms are skinny enough to slide my arms in without having to clamshell them open. I glued an extra piece of plastic along the seams from the inside like a lot of others have done. The outside seam was puttied.

I have a piece of industrial strength velcro stuck right inside the wrist area on both sides of the wrist on each gauntlet. I have velcro sewn on the outside wrists of my gloves, so they connect and the gauntlet will turn with my wrist. I have some foam strategically taped inside each arm so the gauntlets remain tight against my foreams.
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do the seems on the gauntlets meet or do they overlap???
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I believe the seems meet. There are two options I know of for non-permanent attachment. The first and easiest is to use weathering adhesive. Some really really strong stuff. Simply put the halves together and tape the inside. The strong bond will keep it together. The second, my favorite, but difficult to describe is to use velcro. At wal-mart in the arts/crafts section you can find adhesive backed velcro (get that) and some sew on velcro (get that too).

Velcro operates as a Hook and Loop. The scratchy side is Hook, the soft is Loop. What you do is place four lengths of Hook to one Gauntlet, two lengths for each half, one on each inner seam. All Hook. These pieces should be cut in half LONGWAYS, to make them narrower. Then using the sew-on velcro (this piece will be Loop) (convenient because there's no messy adhesive back to stick to your flightsuit/arm) simply do the same as with the above-mentioned weathering tape option. The Loop piece (that is not cut in half longways will be wide enough to cover the entire inner velcro seam because of course, those are each half as wide :)

Please let me know if this isn't clear, it's hard to describe.

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i too was stu,mped when i got my guantlets. My arms were slightly more muscular to fit in the comvetional clamshell idea. So while i pondered the idea over lunch at fatburger it hit me The fat cup would accomodate my forearm. So after trimming the opening, using bondo to fill in the gaps and painting it works very well

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Im going to be getting some MB Gauntlets soon and I think this is how I'm gonna do it. I figure that with the outer pieces on there over the seem, the flame thrower and hose attachment, that I dont want to be bending them too much, so I'm going to permanently attach the outter edges and on the opposite sides Im going to glue a large piece of elastic so they hold together tight, but also spearate slightly so I can slide into them. Just an idea.
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OK GUYS .these are all good ideas for attaching your gauntlets.Let me tell you how i made my aluminum gauntlets.
My gauntlets come apart in two halves top and bottom and
they connect flush to each other.I used hinges for the front
and back parts .The hinges were attached by a wonderful adhesive called ''SEAL ALL'' it works great with sintra or metal.If anyone of you guys want to attach the gauntlets i
recommened you guys use hinges they are concealed in the
gauntlets . Soon i shall post pics again of my gauntlets
and you guys will see how comfortable and snuggly they fit
with the hinges concealed.
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I just added the Stanley hinges for some Jango style closures. I'm going to leave the pins in, and clode them on the outside with either velcro, or maybe some kind of magnet. It's off to Home DePot for more Fett adventures of the expensive kind! Enjoy

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I like the hinge work. Im going to have to see if I can rig something like that.

My wife is the same way. What did you buy for that costume while I was gone? Or something just arrived in the mail, what part of the costume where you missing now? Thank God they love us.
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Muchos Gracias, Mi Amigos! The hinge was suprisingly easy. The left hinge is 5" and the right is 6 1/2". I had to cut out the edges where the hinge sits so they wouldn't have a gap. A little epoxy and clamping, and you're done. My girlfriend is very understanding. Ever since we met I was into this, and she thinks it's pretty cool. Now to get her to a con!:rolleyes I got off easy @ the DePot. Only $14 for more fiberglass cloth, epoxy, and MEK peroxide. :)
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