How can I wear my glasses with my helmet?

I guess this along the same lines of the nose thing.

I used to be able to slip my helmet on in such a way that I could keep my glasses on, but since I've replaced the visor. I can't fit in to it anymore with my glasses on, without messing up my glasses.

So, will a fiberglass helmet allow me the room to wear my glasses with my helmet?

I guess I could also take a pair of old glasses and remove the ear pieces, then permanently attach them to the inside of a helmet too with just the frames?

Anyone got any ideas on this?


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Convex sports goggles this intrigues me what are these like? I wear glasses as well but i usually went out blind as a bat under my Mandalorian helmet but hey at least i can see a little. But it would be more fun to actually see oh my eyes. :facepalm


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I seen sports goggles for basketball/football etc. in a sporting goods store and they had generic precription goggles much like the glasses you can get from K-mart you just keep trying them on untill you can see. Thats all I know, I didnt investigate because I dont wear glasses.

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I wonder, if it's possible, to actually have a prescription t-visor? Might be pricey as hell, but I would imagine, if you wore the helmet alot, say to cons or attractions, it'd be nice. Something to think about. Give your local Lens Crafters a call. Worth a shot, at the very least.
I THINK, football players have something like that on their helmets, sort of like a crash shield? I'm not much of a football fan, but I have seen them on helmets lately.


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I also wear glasses under both my Jango and TK helmets. I just have to be careful on how I put them on so I don't scratch them.