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First post here in ages.

I finally picked up a ROTJ Fett to replace my poorly aging Medicom RAH figure. I also got a loose ESB helmet on ebay, so I could make my personal favorite Fett. ROTJ SE.

When I joined the 501st in 1999 I built a ROTJ SE Fett costume, but I sold it off many years ago, so having an almost exact 1/6 scale replica of it is awesome.

I took some time yesterday to set him up in a few poses to match reference pics of the actual costume. I think it holds up excellently next to the real thing. I apologize in advance for my poor photo shop skills. If it's not obvious, the HT figure is on the right in each picture.

I did a few mods to the figure, took the padded suit off and replaced the arms with a narrow shoulder set so the suit fits better. I also made cuff for the wrists to help fill the gaps around the joint still need to dye that gray. I may try swapping out the medicom gauntlets to see how they fit compared the the HT.

Future plans are to to weather the suit a little, I'll go pretty light with just some powders and pastels. I also want to do something about the gloves, the color is off, and I need a more permanent solution for the cuffs. As The range finder is obviously too long and the jetpack doesn't hang quite right. I may also pick up a second belt so I can add the extra pouches shown in the promo shots. The Wookiee braids also need to be reworked some both color and length.










Dean O

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Thanks! It’s been a while since Ive kept up with the latest nuances of Fett, what changes are made to the ESB helmet for SE Fett?

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Thanks for the link, awesome thread. I'll definitely be using that as a guide to make some modifications to the helmet.

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Finished up the rest of the mods to my 1/6 scale Fett.
Modifications made to figure are:

Weathered the rifle

Weathered flight suit with powdered pastels

Weather gloved hands with a wash to bring out detail

Made glove “cuffs” to help hide black wrist pegs

Tightened the outer sleeves on the flight suit for tighter fit around biceps

Painted “metal” parts (knee darts,toe spikes,etc)with Molotow chrome paint

Dyed medium brown braid to dark brown

Trimmed about 1/8” of plastic, from circumference of the right gauntlet to make it fit tight around the arm

Added larger steel tube barrels to left gauntlet

Repainted weathering on both gauntlets to match screen used armor better

Repainted gauntlet hoses, now figure has one hose on each gauntlet

Tightened cod piece armor by adding an extra hole on each side so it fits snug on waist.

Trimmed figures padded “fat suit” so it is only around the torso.

Leather girth belt straps

Brass buckles on girth belt

Metal jet pack loops

Added lower metal loop to jet pack, with Velcro belt under the armor vest, so jet pack now hangs in the correct position. (Removed magnetic mount from jet pack)

Painted jet pack straps gray

Painted knee armor straps gray

Painted added weathering details to SE ESB helmet

Added extra ammo pouches to belt (14 total)

Weathered ammo pouches and belt

Here are a few before and after comparisons and an album with more pics.






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Big Hot Toys collector as well! Star Wars and then some! ;)I have the most recent Boba Fett (deluxe) version. Just received the Palpatine (deluxe) as well. Already AWESOME pieces!!!! I had NO IDEA they could get any better! EXCELLENT WORK!(y)