Horse LoverZ Coupon Code.


Jr Hunter
Hey guys, I got my girth belt today in the mail and in the package I also received a coupon code for 5$ of my next order. It expires 1/31/2011 so as I will not be buying anything from them that soon, so I figured I would post it here for anyone that would like to use it if you are going to get your girth belt soon. I dont know if it is a one time use or just a general coupon code, but PM me if you would like it. Also, I dont think there is a minimum purchase amount, so you could use it on any order.

EDIT: I guess its just easier to post it instead of having people send me a PM so here it is


Just use it at checkout and it should go.
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New Hunter
Talkren the coupon code you mentioned is not working and I think its too late now, but I was searching today for Horse LoverZ coupon and found a good one. This is the code "cz6293" and you can find it her Horse LoverZ Coupons . If you find better coupon then please let me know through PM.


Jr Hunter
Chrinai- which girth did you order from Horse Lovers? I believe the smallest size in the accurate girth is 36". I believe the accurate one is a Centaur Mohair size 24" or 26".