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Ok, so I wanted to be "surprise" Fett this Halloween. Needless to say, given the week and a half time frame I gave myself, the costume didn't get finished.

I did manage to get the helmet done to my liking, but I still want your opinions. First off, this helmet is a heavily warped DP97. But I think I did "ok" on it. I took tk409's advice on the visor.




The next image is of the switch i added to turn the stalk lights on (non blinking):





and I managed to finish one gauntlet. it is made out of aluminum pipe (the gauntlet in whole) and the rest is made from various pvc, tubes, buttons, switches, etc:




Let me know what you think. I could really use help on the correct helmet colors. i used krylon hunter green, krylon red, krylon black and krylon original chrome ... a krylon junkie, yes, i know. :)

I am not, what could one say... an "athority", but i know what looks good and what doesnt and what you did in a limited time frame is pretty cool :D

The helm you could have used a more of a maroon color, something darker, imo. But it still looks pretty sharp.

The gauntlet looks awsome :) I love it, I have no idea on how to do mine at all. What did you use for the main part, a kit? Or did you make it yourself? If you made it yourself PM me how you did it... that is the one part i am worring about because my cash is tight and if i can make those myself that would save me some cash.

Sorry to jack your post a bit, but what i think you have done looks good (again i am by no means an "athority")
For the timeframe you gave yourself, you did a great job. I am especially impressed by how well you made that DP '97 look. :thumbsup:
As far as the DP goes, I am surprised it turned out this well myself. now if I cxan just remove the horrific warp. I have put it in my table vice, but that only retains the hold for about an hour.

Use HOT water to heat it up and make it pliable, then shape it the way you want, and dunk it in cold water for a good 20 minutes to get it to hold it's shape. Then, I would suggest fiberglassing the inside to make it sturdier. Otherwise, it will eventually go back to it's original warped state.
Ok, a few more pics. This is put together quick and NOT the finished product ... yet...






Ok, the outfit is NOT a jumpsuit (obviously). The pants are Calvin Klein cargo pants (yes, I killed Calvin). The other gauntlet is made the same way as the earlier posted images, but not finished and not accurate at all.

The armor is (laughing as I contimplate typing this) painted linoleum, except the cod and abdomen. That's good ol' fashioned cardboard. The bells are a yellow plastic that I took from a little tykes desk and the knee's are aluminum (same as the gauntlets).

The blaster is a daisy .45 BB gun with a bad wooden stock, plumbing pipe barrel and copper pipe scope.

I just wanted to share the pics. The first 2 and last pic are of the entire outfit on a half mannequin hanging on my wall.

I think I will just have to break down and buy everything. I have a year, lol.
honest opinion, it looks nice and you have the poses down, you need a bit more weathering, and a few more pieces to give it the finished look.

I to know how it is to completly buy everything over agian in hopes of making your costume better. I am doing that right now.

so far the jet pack is becoming the hardest part.
Get's the point across.Keep looking around here & you'll see what you need to do. Keep in mind that almost nobody has a "finished" costume.;)
C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E WROTE: "Use HOT water to heat it up and make it pliable, then shape it the way you want, and dunk it in cold water for a good 20 minutes to get it to hold it's shape. Then, I would suggest fiberglassing the inside to make it sturdier. Otherwise, it will eventually go back to it's original warped state."

Dumb question, but how do I do the fiberglass reinforcement? I did the hot water, but it lasted about six hours before it went back to the DP97 warp.
You need a heat gun to heat shape it, almost to the point of melting.

This is how I did my DP95.

Fiberglass reinforcment kit can be found at Wal-mart in the auto section. Get the can of cold resin compound, and fiberglass sheets, a few cheap paintbrushes, a wooden dowl -diameter doesnt matter-, 80 grit sandpaper, and masking tape.

Cut the dowl so it fits snug inside the helmet earpiece to earpiece, so that you have the proper flare you want the helmet to have. I think the bottom front of the helmet is the problem? Sand where your going to put resin like crazy, scar it up really bad, if you dont the resin will just pop off when it dries. Lay that part flat and paint some resin in there and lay some sheeting in it, then more resin, enough to soak the sheets.

Put some masking tape on the outside of the helmet and pull from the inside to the dowl and position it to where you want it to be. Wait for it to dry, about 2 days.

Then do the other side, the back, the dome etc. its a long prosess but worth it in the end the helmet will never warp out of shape agian when it dries.
One easy way to un-warp a '97,is to buy flat aluminum strip,bend to shape,and hot-glue it to the 'pre-heated' lid.
I cut a small section out of the alum. strip for the lower vent holes to 'breathe',and it's done!
We found the alum. and hot-glue works well,no more 'molecular memory" warping.
We did this 'bout a year ago,and the bucket hasn't 're-warped' at all,and alum. is lighter than f/g re-inforcing.
This dp97 was very badly bent outta shape(like most)and this technique worked really well,and was easy and cheap.
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