Hey is this what I think it is?


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I was painting masking fluid on my cod piece tonight and I noticed something as I was studying reference photos. This is from the tdh archive so please correct me if I should not post the pic. I have cropped it to show only necessary parts. This is of the right side of the cod piece while wearing it. Is this a bolt head? I thought it might be a way that they held the cod and backstrap together? Someone is bound to know the real story so please help me out!



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It does kinda look like a bolt head in that picture. Most people use the same bolts that are used on the collar, the "keyboard" bolts. Maybe it was lost in the move, and they replace it with a bolt...it could also be a trick of the camera making it look hex-shaped too.

With Fett, you never really know, do you? :lol:

Looks like a bolt to me. Could be a clever way of dressing up a costume snap.

I would say just take a mold of a proper size bolt, cast it in Bondo or glass, then two-part it to your cod.

Good luck! :)
Its supposed to be the same bolts that are used on the shoulders. That's what I use to hold the kidney plate to the codpiece. The people building the display probably lost it... there are other pics somewhere on this board showing the correct bolts holding it together.
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