hello i'm new here and I really want to make my own suit of boba fett....question is I don't know how.....I keep hearing about this don post guy and evrybody says to buy his helmet(the deluxe helmet)and then paint over it.but i don't want to buy a helmet I wanted to make mine from scratch....does anybody know how?


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welcome everything you need to know is here just use the search and you will find what you are looking for. there are a lot of scratchbuilt helmets...err everything actually.



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Use the 'Search' in the toolbar at the top of the forum. Search 'Helmet templates' or 'Scratchbuilt helmet' and you'll get good results.

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Howdy hero! Welcome to TDH.

The very first question you need to answer is which version of Boba Fett do you want to put together? Pre-pro; Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi?

Once you've answered that question, then you can researching all of the components and start assembling the costume. I think people have already given you good advice on where to look for a good helmet. I can give you two websites that I strongly suggest you take a look at. Both were very helpful to me ... granted I am working on a Return of the Jedi costume:

The other thing you should think about is how far do you want to go with this? Meaning how screen accurate do you want it? I will warn you that the answer to this question could easily burn a hole in your wallet! It is something I call "the Fett Disease" in that I have become obsessed with upgrading my costume so that it looks as screen-accurate as possible. I started working on my Boba Fett on April 28, 2006. As of today, I am currently on version 3.0 of it, and it will become version 4.0 in a few days, and then 5.0 in late October / early November. I keep upgrading the components of this costume over and over again. So what I am saying is you may decide to call you costume "complete" when you have all of the components, or you may become as obsessed or even more obsessed with upgrading as I have become!

Hope this information is helpful.:cheers


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Yes, this costume is one of the hardest to build you will ever come across. simply because there are sooo many parts of a giant puzzle. And each puzzle piece for some has to be soo accurate that it becomes a huge undertaking.

The only question you need to ask yourself is do you have more time or money. Spend alot of money for good props, or spend alot of time building said prop. Either way its gonna cost about the same amount of blood sweat and tears.

and a final warning, you are NEVER EVER DONE.........

I'm on version 8.0 and still not happy.


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how did you make your own helmet from scratch???

I really don't want to come off as rude but to get by here you really need to start looking around yourself. Like 15 posts down there is a tutorial on this subject it's called "New Batting Helmet" there is several others doing the same thing under different thread titles.

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Welcome Hero. Good luck with your scratch built bucket mate. I believe that there is a cardboard bucket on the board at the moment. Pretty interesting stuff.


so to make templates buy a baseball helmet then cut it into quarters....but whats the white strips holding it together???