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ok, i just got an ROTJ resin blaster from e-bay, but its got issues......( see pictures).....i got 2 of some parts and 3 of others, do i have everything i need?....i know i need a stalk ( which i'm having made).....but the barrel section has a large crack down the side that goes all teh way thru ( like 2 inches of resin) do i fix it?......also how do i attach the sections together??....what should i use , glue?....or should i drill holes and run a shaft thru it to make it sturdy??...any help here would be great .......


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a better picture of the dammage to teh barrel section....

-as you can see , the crack is all the way thru and is 2 mm in width ( almost looks like someone put it on a bandsaw and cut a channel all the way thru


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overall its a nice kit, ( better than what i currently have) but definatly needs some work , any one willing to lend a hand with advice?



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If those cracks are bad enough, use JB Weld to fill them. It would help, hold it together and you can sand it or whatever.


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It looks like you've got all the major parts (excluding the stock, but you already mentioned that being made). You've even got a resin scope, which is cool. If you research the ROTJ rifle a little bit, you'll find some various greeblies (ornamentation pieces, if nothing else) that go on the stock and elsewhere, so make sure you do that.

It looks like advice on filling the cracks has been covered, but I second the JB Weld and Bondo suggestions.

Anyway, hope to see it painted/completed soon. Good luck! :)


Hey Randall I read somewhere on here that someone was using something called like liquid nails?? I 'm not sure what it was exactly but its on one of the posts around here.

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JB Weld possibly, bondo no. Both of these are thick, and will NOT flow into the crack very well. Best option is to use Zap-A-Gap, Superglue, or any other ca glue. Capillary action will draw it right into the crack. If it still needs filling after it's been glued, the Hollywood pros have a trick. Fill the gap with baking soda, then saturate the baking soda with ca glue. After hardening overnight, it can be sanded. This method works best whenever you need to fill cracks or bubbles in ANY resin piece.