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I ask for advice. I am painting my RS kit and I have doubts about the silver color. I am using humbrol 11 with an airbrush. I attach photos because I have not just seen silver effect. What is your opinion?


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I used the spray can version of Silver 11 for my base. You’ll be blitzing through the small humbrol bottles if you intend on covering the whole armour set.


I mean it looks like you have a silver look. If anything could let it dry and hit it again if your don’t like it. I use mine in an airbrush too and this is how it turned out on a custom helmet I’m doing. It had a grey primer under the no11 to help it too.


The colour you have there is not bad but I would suggest maybe another coat?

Just to share my experiences with the humbrol paints:

For the humbrol paints such as the silver they do tend to come up better with a grey primer. I now use Vallejo primer as it comes up better than any of the others I have tried. Vallejo paints are a joy to use in an airbrush.

I used the humbrol 11 with and without primer and saw a marked difference. With primer the colour was more vibrant and picked up better. Without primer the colour was darker and flatter.

How much you stir the paint and thin it can have an effect. The paints have variances from tin to tin. Example for yellow I had to do roughly 5 mil of thinner to a can. Orange was more like 10 mil because it was so thick.

Lastly, let your layers dry for at least a week before applying more.

Hope this helps. :)


I used Humbrol paints for all of my surface work on my build except for the silver layer.The reason I
went with Non-Buff Aluminum was that most of the silver paints that I tested (and I tested a lot) did not
hold up and lost their reflective quality when sealer went over them. My best result was with Model Master
Non -Buffing Sealer over Non- Buff Aluminum. In fact I ended up using that sealer over my entire paint job
and it worked exceptionally well ,even with multiple coats. More on the first page of my thread-The Builders ESB Build.
Hope this helps, have fun painting,I think it's the best part.