Help with Knee attachment needed

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Hi guys

Getting very close to finishing my SE Boba now. I need to sort out the best attachment method for vac formed knees. Can anyone make a suggestion?

I was thinking snaps one one side attached to the armour and the elastic attached to some plastic with the snap on the plastic, with the other side fixed some how?


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I use velcro on the backs of the knees
another piece is sewn on the jumpsuit
they stay in place no problem

The elastic strap on mine is for show only
just double the elastic back on itself
then put the snap through that part
glue the other half of the snap on your knees
very simple


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mine are elastic and velcro. the elastic is glued in on one side and velcros on the other. but the strap is really just ornamental. there's a big square of velcro on the inside of the armor, and a matching square on the knee of my suit. that holds it, even if the strap isn't closed. the velcro connection to the suit also keeps them from sliding or twisting.

at some point i've been meaning to replace the velcro with just a glued in strap on both ends. then i could just slide it up my leg and put it in place.

snaps sound good too. pretty much whatever you are comfortable doing.
I'll take a photo of mine and post later. Here are the steps i used:

- Attach "female" side of two snaps -- one each near outside edges on both sides of the inside of the knee. I used CA glue for this.
- Attach the "Male" side of one of the snaps to a length of elastic band on one side. You can either cut a length you know will be more than long enough or just take the better part of the roll and attach the male snap to the end.
- You attach the male side like you would to any fabric. Punch a small hole, put the middle of the backing through (so most of it is still on the other side of the fabric), the male snap top over it (so that top side is on the other side of the elastic), and use the setting tool to fasten the male snap parts in place.
- Snap that side into the female snap on one side of the knee.
- Put the knee armor in place and pull the elastic taut, so you can see where to cut it to get the right length.
- Cut the elastic and secure the other male end to the opposite end of the elastic.

All done! Takes about 5 minutes. I'll put photos of mine up shortly.


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Thanks Chris, and everyone, very helpful. I have ali knee darts so may add the velcro too.

I used epoxy putty to hold it with my custom, but it came off and I ended up super gluing the putty back on. Wanted to get a better method, and now I have.