Help with getting started on a helmet


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Hello guys, I am new to the costuming side of things, could anyone give me a list of materials i would need to make a helmet but at a low-ish cost thanks, and could you recommend me any good templates i could use as this is my first build thanks again


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There's a sticky at the top of the helmet section about scratch builds. A member has linked lots of the other scratch build threads within.


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Whatever templates you end up using my advice would be to take your time and be careful in the cardboard/posterboard stage to minimize clean up later on with bondo etc. (I'm in the middle of a WOF scratch build and I'm doing all sorts of crazy modifications to make up for things I had overlooked before.)

Also I agree about using rafalfetts templates- I haven't used them personally, but I've heard great thing and I'm using some of his measurements and dimensions to make my WOF a little more accurate.