Pistols Help with Blasters


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Hey guys, Been off the forums for while now since my Jango was complete. I had a friend ruin my guns so I need to start over. Is anyone making kits? Are there any good links I should look at? I have searched the forums but did not find too much in the search engine.


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Honestly, I'll only take my good resin guns to high profile events. The rest I repainted some of the toy guns to be a bit more accurate. But this allows for kids to handle them in the pictures, and I don't care if they drop or break them.


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What you want is casts of the Master Replicas blasters... Or better, MR originals. But that doesn't seem possible unless someone decides to part with theirs.

... As far as I know. I've done a lot of searching, but haven't found anything overly helpful.