[Help] Scam? Or slow turnaround time?


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November 21st 2017 I ordered an EE3 ROTJ blaster from Sidewinder. He said I should expect a minimum of 12 weeks lead time, as he had other orders at the time.

May 7th 2018 I asked for a status update where he said he had five to do before he would get to do mine.

Now here near the end of october 2018, I have yet to recieve the blaster. Is it normal that he has this slow of a turnaround time? Or am I being scammed?

The e-mail is: sidewinder@dachande.co.uk, which I found on his website where kits and full comissions were displayed.

Hope you can help me ease my nerves a bit. I am okay with waiting, but as I have been close to being scammed in the past, this whole thing makes me uneasy.


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I'll vouch for Sidewinder all day long. Have you contacted him again since May, that would seem a necessary step?


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Sidewinder built my blaster. Took more time than estimated but delivered an outstanding product.

Year + delays are nothing new in this hobby but Sidewinder has YEARS of history delivering.


Sidewinder is totally legit , I bought my EE3 from him end then later sent it back to have lights and sounds retrofitted. Good things come to those who wait....


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Thank you all for the quick replies. I have only heard good things about Sidewinder as well, which is why I ordered from him, but I was worried that perhaps I had got in touch with someone pretending to be him. With your reassurance I am far more at ease! :)
I ordered mine in October 2017. Was in touch with him recently that he is now currently assembling mine and he had about six blasters ahead of mine when I ordered.

I have seen his work for others and it is well worth the wait IMO. I can't wait to get it!


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Yeah I have a EE3 on order as well . I think there were like five ahead of me so I figure it’s going to be a while.


I ordered one back in June with 12+ weeks of estimated lead time. Those weeks passed and I was told that it'll take a couple more months. I haven't gotten an exact date, which is fine because everyone's got a real life besides all this prop building, but I'm still a bit disappointed about the lack of clear communication. Waiting is a big part of this hobby and I've gotten used to it after three years, but being 5 months in (with more to come) while originally being told that it'll be about 3 months leaves kind of a bad taste.

Though, of course: I'm certain that he will deliver at some point and that I'll be really happy with the finished prop.
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