Help Request: Back of MOW Jetpack w/ FullMetalFett Clips/Hooks


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Hey guys I hate making new threads like this but...

I need a reference picture of a MOW Jetpack w/ Full Metal Fett's clips and hooks attached. Appreciate it!


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Hah! Thanks guys. :)

If you're needing the photo for reference on where to attach the hooks/clips, I would keep in mind that it may be different between people as we are all different heights. I'm 5'11" and the pack sits a 'little' bit higher than it should on me. Measuring and getting the spacing right was quite time consuming.

full metal fett

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DeathProof said,it really does depend on your size and build.

There are some great pictures of the hooks on the pack in one of the pre pro gallery,and the ROTJ stunt pack pictures are good.

I can't link the with the APP,but I think they are in my sales tread.

One thing to keep in mind with the actual prop referance pictures is that some packs are a little different in shape to the original and the door can be wildly different.