HELP: Re-scaling codpieces


Hey Guys,

I figured this question deserved it's own thread.

As part of my costume build i've got some awesome BobaMaker armour. I have run into a slight, but not unforeseen complication. The codpiece and butt-plat have the correct shape and are the right size but i am a little, shall we say, thicker than I should be.


I would rather get as screen accurate as possible and have the two parts overlap but this is way beyond my current skill set. I was thinking maybe using some acrylic, bondo and a heat gun to mold on an extra few inches to each plate? I have never done this before so am completely ignorant to the process. Or should i pass the parts on to someone else and get some larger armour from elsewhere?

Any help would be much appreciated.


I have seen people do this, but from what i understand the 501st requires the two pieces to be connected and I would rather connect them to be screen accurate.

However, some webbing and snaps would be my fallback position.


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I think the same system is on the RKD armor too, more exactly the two pieces doesn't connect to each other. You might use my armor templates to achieve the needed length, but I'm not sure how you should attach the flips. Just a remember, the back belt (or butt plate) should not be as high as it is in your images; you should lower it with about a palm's width or so. I hope others will help with better answers than mine. Good luck with your build!