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can anyone tell me what is Rotocast Vinyl? are helmets made of this material strong enough to hold electronics like fans, batteries and speakers in them?

Rotocasting is the PROCESS that is used to distribute the vinyl material in the mold while it is still in it's liquid state. Think of a gyroscope or gimble with the mold locked in, rotating in 3 different axis. This is so the material distributes evenly throughout the mold. The Don Post & Rubies helmets are made this way & are flexible & durable. You won't have any problem holding the equipment you require but watch out for what type of adhesive you use to secure them. Velcro works great for batteries & good old hot melt glue is excellent for anything else. Don't use the kind available in the craft section, not all hotmelt glues are the same, use a commercial grade. I found some at Home depot (Arrow Brand Bss6-4) & I haven't been able to find anything of equal or better. Hotmelt also has the advantage of letting you remove parts without damaging the helmet. Simply break the glue bond by putting a few drops of methyl hydrate on the hotmelt. It will wick under the hotmelt & you will be able to peel the part out. The methyl hydrate quickly evaporates & will not damage the vinyl helmet or harm painted surfaces.
thanks for the info bigkidbiggertoys. if i get a rotocast vinyl bucket, is it possible for me to reinforce the interior so that it won't be so flexible, making it sturdier?
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