Help me make a new jedi. (armor, helm, saber, blaster, etc.)

Zurath Kodul

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I'm wanting to make a mando helmet, but I don't know what would be the easiest route. This is not for the 501st, but my custom character. I'm trying to make a mandalorian jedi and want to get as much as I can for as little as possible.

The helmet needs to look decent up close, but not perfect. I'm not putting the RF on it, it'd get in the way of the hood. I have a piece of plastic that I found in the trash, I'll try to use that for the armor. I'll try to batting helmet/bucket mix for the helm, but ned to know how it's done, and what parts go where.
I also need to make a lightsaber and a blaster. It just seems right to add a gun, for some reason.

Any/all help is appreciated, HF
HF - Welcome to the scratch built world :D As far as the bucket goes, try looking at the attached thread by Terminal Fett. This is an exellent thread showing in great detail how to make a bucket from scratch, I really can't recommend it more highly. As for dimensions i am sure that TK409 has these on his website. TK409's site.

In fact you will find a lot of info for scratch built stuff there. If it is a custom mando then don't worry too much about dimensions. As long as it fits you then who cares, right?

good luck buddy and let us know how you get on.

PS don't expect a full costume over night, it ain't going to happen.
well, the helmet I was planning on was the one that hankey01 did. I was wanting to use a bucket and batting helmet for it, but no idea on combining them together.

his is here.
HF - the way i would conect them is to firstly place them together using thick card and superglue (this is temporary to just hold the two bits in place). Once you are happy with the positioning, use something like International's two part resin to cement the two together.

You can see the stuff on this pic (running over the crest of my bucket). I used it to cement the two parts together after i cut it half.

why don't you mail cruzer 2 bucks for the 'free' rubies jango helm therefor your mom won't have to get all 'mommy dearest' about accepting free-bies

It would be darn silly not to take cruzers offer. Let mom know that :)
hopefull fett said:
I'm trying to, but she doesn't like to give our adress out to strangers.
Have the stuff sent someplace else if she's all bent out of shape about it (like work or a friends house) Cruzers hardly a stranger:lol: he's probably the nicest guy here!

Surprised she doesn't have a P.O. Box if that is the case.

Ok...what about her work address? Or Dads? Church address?

Well I am sure you and Cruzer will figure something out. I can personally vouch for him. He is genuine, respectable, humble, and praiseworthy!

He really is the real thing!
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