Help me help a friend!

Bountys Hunted

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Hey, need a hand for a buddy. He's making a Boba suit for a surprise that's coming up. Guess his supplier (yeah, he didn't talk to me first8) , I'd have told him about TDH. we met on a superhero board) yanked his chain and botched his order w/ crappola stuff. (there's been a thread about them going around...)

Anyhow, he's in dire straits and needs just the backplate and codpiece.

He's spent alot of late, late nights trying to make everything himself, and he's at his wit's end...

Appreciate any help. Doesn' have to be any of the super-accurate stuff, as long as it's close, it'll work.

Thanks all!!

take care,


Bountys Hunted

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Appreciate it a great deal Scott! But,it looks like he's already been saved!

Man, is TDH a great place or what?!?!

THANK YOU!!! :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers