HELP! Looking for someone who can paint a ROTJ Lid in the UK


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I have just ordered a Bobamaker V3 ROTJ lid kit and armour, me and a mate are going to paint the armour but neither of us have the expertise to do the lid.

I have asked a couple of the armourers from the UKG with no success.

So is there anybody on TDH who live in the UK who can help, obviously will pay for time and any costs.

Please PM me if you can help.

Many thanks



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I never painted one until a few months ago, it was my first and it came out perfectly because of Lewis White me 100% when I say it is simple to follow and he gives you all the exact paint numbers by humbrol

look at the link it starts with vido 1 and goes right up to like 28 or something...hand on heart this will work out if you do it your self and follow this guide
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^^^^. I'm sure the poster above is correct if you take your time and source the right colors, masking fluid, and get the templates sized correctly. If it's absolutely something you're not gonna do yourself, also agree with the post that stated to use Welshwarrior. He does great work!