HELP ! ESB helmet Archive x colors


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Hello brothers and sisters !
I hope you are all well and healthy!
I'm going to try paint a esb helmet with the new Archive x acrylic paints.
Has anyone an idea how to mix the dome and cheek green ? I saw a thread where it is a mix of light green and dark grime but in another thread it's very light.
Also I wonder about the left ear.
It is just plain light green ?

It would be awesome if anybody can help me!

Thank you allready and best wishes,

I’ve not used the Acrylics on a helmet yet. But the Enamels I used are as follows.

ESB Helmet

Dome and lower cheeks Light Green and Grime 50:50ish, tape pull was same but with more Grime. SP Dark Lark for main grey and greenish grey parts SP Lettering Grey

Visor/Mandible/Keyslots D&H Caboose, SP Dark Lark, Maroon mixed 50:50 Engine Black. Greenish grey parts done with SP Lettering Grey.

Upper Cheeks were painted D&H Caboose first then Grimy Black. Grey is SP Dark Lark.

Right Ear Earth Lt, SP Dark Lark, Engine Black and Tamiya White Primer

Left Ear Coach Green first, then Light Green. Lighter grey is ANH DS Surface Grey and Red is Caboose. Spatter is Rust. White for decal/graphic is Tamiya primer.

Killstripes SP Armour Yellow with gradient to Mixture of SP Armour Yellow and Rust.

Rear panels main green is Engine Black and Dark Green 50:50. Then Dark Grime, SP Dark Lark and SP Lettering Grey for greenish grey parts.


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Thank you buddy for the quick response! Your helmet looks awesome! Just wondering because in another thread it looks quite light with this mix. On the homepage from Archive x they write lark dark grey for mixing with light green.
I'm so Confused .
I just don't want to mess it up
Here’s the same helmet in different light. Light changes colour massively. In reality it’s in between these.

My advice is to test colours yourself. Do what feels right to you and study the reference well.


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Hey man ! Your colors look just perfect! I will definitely try this mix ! Thank you very much for the advice. I will do a test today and hope to get the color just like you.

Thank you very much!

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roger12RAMJET ’s list is great, I will echo what he says about studying the reference material and trying different paint combinations yourself. definitely join the Archive X Facebook group to see some discussion on this topic.

I ended up mixing the LT Green and Lark LT Grey for the main green, and it took a few tries to get it where I wanted. I think you want to tone the green down a bit by mixing in some Grey or Grime, and then tone it down further with misting and washes.


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Good morning everybody! Soon I can start the painting I hope. I decided that it will be a SE probably ... I'm a little scared about the additional weathering, but it is worth a try
In my memory there is a tutorial made by superjedi wich covers the grease stains made with crayons. But I can't find it.
Have anyone made this and can guide me thru? I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading