Helmet Warping


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I've had my Don Post 97 for about a month and a half now and i love it! However, on the right eye piece the plastic has warped quite badly, it looks like hes squinting ;) Is there anyway i can prevent this from happening again and is there i way can sort it out again?




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ive heard of multiple people heating their helmets up with hot water or putting them in the car on a hot day, and then fixing the warp and enforcing it with fiberglass or something. im not sure though as i havent had this problem (yet :) )


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Heck i'm only 14 :p don't think it would be wise to let me lose with fiberglass just yet :facepalm However i'm thinking of hairdrying it, problem is, previous owner used a glue gun to stick the visor in :( so i dont want to crack it

Oh well trial and error




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If your refering to a Don Post helmet. Use a heat gun, (don't get to close with it)heat it up and hold it in the desired shape until cool. Then renforce it with a heavy wire coat hanger. Glue it with 2-part epoxy or JB weld.


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Hey cool :D I'm gonna try that at the week end maybe, below are the pics of the warping, i think its quite bad but opinions? Heh hes got a squint! The first pic is a comparioson shot. Sorry the pics are bad had to take them quickly!




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This week i thought I'd try and do something with an old and very crappy DP 97 I've had for like 8 years.

To improve the shape (which was pretty badly warped) all I did was put the helmet in my oven (but made sure my girlfriend wasnt home before doing this though lol) at 80 degrees celcius for about 10 minutes whilst keeping a watchful eye on it.

By the time I took it out the vinyl was nice and soft but not so soft that the whole thing collpased into a molted pile. What I did then was place the helmet into a nice solid wooden box and packed towels around it to get the desired shape.

I left it for about an hour to cool down and when I pulled it out of the box I was blown away by how much better it looked. It has a really nice flair now and the beauty is its kept its new shape.

I'l be posting a thread tomorrow hopefully on my progress on this bucket because its shape really doesnt look anything like a DP 97 anymore.


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Hi,i'd say go down the route of fibreglassing it,i know i'm repeating whats been said here,but once it's done,it's done,it'll never go out of shape again!


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lol where can i get fiberglass from!? I live in the middle of nowhere basically! :( Is it easy to use?


I have seen it for sale in Spares World, Halfords, I think B&Q stock it or like pennywisesweetooth said order it off the internet. There's instructions on the back of the box.
As far as how easy it is to use I have never done it personally but as it's only going inside the helmet you do not need to do a fantastic job of it.