Helmet suggestions for bobas with big heads.

I've been wanting to make a fett costume for some time now, but I'm really wary about buying a helmet. I have a 25.5-inch thick head (Measured around, ear to ear) and am wondering which is the best way to go. I'm not too keen on getting anything with a wavy brow that's too pronounced, though.

Should I wait until Marrow Sun does another run of helmets? I've heard good things about Sgt. Fang's casts; are they big enough for my head?

I'm looking for a good fibreglass or fibreglass-reinforced helmet, although if Sgt. Fang's helmet is as good as everyone says it is and it fits my massive noggin, I may think of buying his resin cast.
I have a large gourd too, and I have found the SGB helmet a bit tight. The Sgt. Fang helmet is a bit smaller than the SGB. I have heard the MSH2 helmet is the largest one out there, but they are as rare as hens teeth. I PM'd Lionspride a couple of days ago about measuring his MS3, but haven't heard back from him.
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The MS1 would be a great helmet to have, if I had the cash that was being asked I would snatch it up in a hurry. Sadly, I have been informed by my wife, that we have to save up for a house. Huh life.
I've got a US mil. size "7 3/4" size head and often time wear XL hats/ helmets. From what I've found any "movie sized" helmet is plenty large enough.

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I've got a US mil. size "7 3/4" size head and ofetn time wear XL hats/ helmets. From what I've found and "movie sized" helmet is plenty large enough.

I have about the same sized dome as you. I'm about 30% done with a HUGE scratch built bucket. Should be big enough to even accomodate glasses.

I'm ordering a bucket from Sarge, too, and just praying I can squeeze my grape in there.
Having had or owned everything but a BM bucket... heres the breakdown.

The largest in my opinion are the MSH2, TF, and MLC1. But the MLC1 isnt made anymore, there is now a smaller MLC2, still a good size. The MSH2 is indeed a bit rare but I am sure it will make a comeback. ;) And the SGB is only .25 inchas taller if that then the DP95... MS2 is the tallest, being almost an inch or more taller then the other MS buckets.

What I am aware is available in some form or fassion is the BM, MLC2, and the TF. Dont quote me on the TF as he was never in it to do large runs of his bucket. :) But the BM is no bigger then any other mystery helmet unless further mods have been made so it would be the same as the MSH1 and the Sgn Fang. The MLC 2 is a good sized bucket and I can take measurments of the one I am painting for ya if you would like.
Its not weather your nogin fits in the helmet its if the helmet is long enough and wide enough to look right.

Look at the pic I attached, and compare the size of the helmet to the size of the body. :)

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