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I seem to recall seeing that unlike Boba, Jango's bucket has some kind of seal type arrangement.
How do you guys go about making that for your bucket?
I believe most guys don't for trooping because it would cut way back on the amount of air you'd have circulating in the helmet which helps to keep you cool. Plus not to mention it would trap the moisture and condensation from your breath possibly causing your visor to fog up quicker or more than desired.

Just my opinion,
I troop in mine all the time. I have one fan and it blows over the top of the T. I have not cleaned the T with anything that would keep it from fogging.

I have had a pro costume maker look at the pics and told me that it looks to be very thin leather. Once I get my new helmet, I am going to be doing a run of them at will fit that helmet.
There you go. Two different opinions. I don't have any fans in my helmet so I'm thinking that may make a difference too. I'd like to have a fan in my helmet and I tried it once but it made too much noise. What fan are you using in yours Asok? Wow, now I'm curious as to how many people do troop with a helmet seal...maybe I need to get with the program here.:lol:

It is a small squirrel fan or cage fan. I got it from ebay. I don't see them up there now. I will try and get my bucket out to see if there is a make on it.
If you've got a helmet sealer, then it could cause the CO2 levels inside the helmet to rise to high levels, and you could begin to be asphyxiated ... not good!
Jimmy BufFETT said:
If you've got a helmet sealer, then it could cause the CO2 levels inside the helmet to rise to high levels, and you could begin to be asphyxiated ... not good!

Come on!! Breathing is so over rated! :lol:
Nocturne said:
Don't suppose there's anychance of someone posting a pic of their helmet seal is there?

PM me your email and I will work on sending you a pic later today when I get home.
I am using a small laptop fan ( very quiet), and works great. Also you can make the gasket more open, the gasket cleans up the bottom look.. if that made any sense.
So, how many people use the helmet seal? Also shouldn't there be a balaclava too so your neck won't show behind the collar?
Well I was debating this myself, I have the leather left over from my vest. However I wonder if a mesh fabric wouldn't be a better choice.
Actually Boba was supposed to have a neck sealer. Look at the Star Wars Chronicles book. They made an attachment that velcroed along the front half of the helmet (under the chin) and then velcroed to the neck of the quilted balaclava they used on the pre-pro suits. They didn't use the neck sealer in the films, but continued to use the quilted balaclava.

Since Jango doesn't have a high neck seal around his throat and just a collar with a balaclava, yeah I do kinda find it silly looking when I see Jango costumers at conventions with visible necks showing from all sides since they don't wear the balaclavas.
I don't use a seal or a fan. I work outdoors and am very acclimated to outdoor temperatures and trooping in it is not much different. I do not wear a balaclava either, though I do have a neckseal. Maybe one of these days I'll make a balaclava from the same material as my jumpsuit to match materials and color.
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