Helmet Painting trick

TK Fett

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This is how I did my first paint job. Might not be the trend for all of you professional Fett painters but for this newbie it worked wonders.
1. primer
2. coat of silver (let dry completely)
3. mask off helmet and paint the visor area (let get almost dry)
4. Take a knife, ruler anything with an edge and remove some of the tacky paint. This will reveal the silver undercoat.
5. Do this same technique for the rest of the helmet. Works wonders. Gives it that 3D feel. And makes some of the smaller details easier.
6. for added effect take some steel wool to the dome after all the paint is dry for a nice "authentic" look. (learned that trick here)

I'll try to post some pics soon
So what do you guys think.
Anyone else tried anything similar.
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