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Most of us have heard the general theory of how the Mystery Helmet (Sgt Fang) and the Enigma Helmet (Marrow_Sun) came to be. At some point, Lucas Arts lent an actual Fett helmet (prepro?) to Don Post Studios where someone made 10-15? copies of this helmet and these in turn ended up on Ebay and other places where they were purchased and then used to make molds and now we have resin and fibreglass versions of them. Did I get all of that right?

So, assuming I have my lore in order, what percentage of full screen size would these final helmets be?

Screen used = 100%
1st generation mold = 95%???
2nd generation mold = 90%???

I have never molded anything of this type so am just curious. Both the Mystery and the Enigma helmets seem to be a pretty good size but not quite as big as the MSH and MSH2 and definitely smaller than the MLC. Can anyone add some insight here? Basically, are the Mystery and Enigma helmets screen sized?
Thanks for the history lesson (y) .
Only been here a couple of months and I have been wondering what the story behind these buckets was.
I'm a little confused.

According to Marrow_sun his helmets are mystery helmets. Is the enigma term being used to identify Marrow-sun's from Fang's??

I am working up a post about the history of the Marrow_Sun/ MH helmet as we currently know it.

But I wanted to quickly add, and I am not saying that this has been implied in the thread, that the differences from PP2 to ESB to Jedi are FAR less than what we have made them out to be.

Apart from slight differences in trimming, visor installation, and any topical damage (ala PP2/ Jedi), the real helmets are ALL from the same source.
If you use RTV Silicone for a mold, the shrinkage is less than 2%. Not the 10% that you imply. So you will need to recast from a recast around 7 times to get a 10% reduction. This knowledge is acquired through bitter experience!!
I compared my Mystery Helmet to the DP I have. It’s larger, but perhaps not as much as one could believe. I was quite surprised! Sincerely, I think that the MH has the size of the screen used one and that the MSH and the MSH 2 are way too big or better, they are meant for taller people than the real Fett is/was.
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