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I recently scored a Radio Shack Mini Amplifier/Speaker on eBay.
On the side it has an input socket, and external speaker socket and a DC in socket. On the other it has a volume control.

The guy who sold me this didn't mention that it did not come with a power source. Anyone know where I can get one, I'm going to try my local Maplin - like RadioShack, but in the UK.

Also, can anyone recommend a headset for this? And are there any other accessories that I'm going to need for this to be able to speak through the mic and amplify my voice?



You should be able to rig something up with batteries fairly easily. I use 8 'AA' batteries to power mine (it's actually the ROM/FX board and the amp/speaker that came with it). You just need to get the right amount of juice.
Waitaminit now- Is it the small "cigarette size" white box, with gray volume control? It takes a 9V inside it.

I have that one. You have to unscrew the screw in the back, and pry apart the body halves- I leave the screw out to change batteries while trooping. Then you'll need a Radio Shack mic cord (double mic tips or headset) with inline power switch (the small ON/OFF box that takes a watch battery). That's it.

You plug the Mic cord into the upper input.
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