Helmet measurements and scale


I posted this at the rpf, and someone pointed me here. I was VERY excited to see a forum all about Fett, and see a lot of familiar names around here. (I haven't visited the rpf in quite a while.)

This is my first post, so I felt like a quick introduction to myself. My question was regarding the ratios between the different helmets. As in, how much smaller is the DP from the ESB? The ones I wondered if they could be contrasted in scale are the ESB, ROTJ, 95 DP, Rubies Jango, and Altmans. Thanks!


from the comparison pics I've seen the DP's are wayyyyyyyyyyy smaller than the ESB helmet.


Yeah, I cannot remember who it was...Lynn I think, but someone had comparison pictures from the MOTM tour, and you could see how incredibly small it is. I was just wondering if anyone had done an exact measurement, like...the 95 DP is 60% the size of the ESB, etc.


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An "unofficial" size difference ratio between the standard DP helmets (95-97) and the DP Deluxe is approximately 15%. There are some that are convinced that the Deluxe is the same size as the ESB helmet, while other (including myself) think that the Deluxe is closer in size to the RotJ helmet. Personally, I'd say that the ESB helmet is a minimum of 5% bigger than the Deluxe which would make it an estimated 20% larger than the standard DP helmets.

Remember, these are estimates. I am sure someone here who has all three could actually take the measurements of all three using Natty's movie sized helmet (MSH) for the ESB's dimensions and give you exact ratios.


Thank you very much. I realize these are only approximates, but it definitely gives me an idea and that may be good enough.