New Hunter
who is/are the best sources to get a helmet from? is there a no kiddin, get on the net, press a button, and have it at my door place i can go to? or is scratch built the way to go?

thanks for the help!

MS (1, 2, and 3), MSH, SF, BM, SGB are all fine helmets.
We love abbreviations around here! :lol:

One more: PM!

And welcome to TDH! (Oops. . . threw another one in there)

you don't really find this stuff on a web site. the licensed stuff (rubies, don post, altman, master replicas) you'll see in web stores.

fan made stuff is much more low key. someone makes a bucket, posts it up in the cargo hold, and that's about it.

watch the cargo hold for stuff that comes up. you'll also pick up on board names of people to contact about getting stuff pretty quickly if you follow along for a bit.

it takes some getting used to, but sadly going mandalorian isn't an instant gratification thing. i'm still frustrated by that at times!
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