Helmet ID help. MS1?


New Hunter
Hey all,

Was hoping for some assistance in identifying my helmet. I believe it is an MS1 based on some telltale signs like the crooked turn signals and cheeks. I purchased this sometime between 2003 - 2004 from someone on the RPF.

I finally wanted to get around to painting it in ROTJ style, (better late than never!) but I am wondering how improved some of the new helmets being offered to date are over this one I own. I have already put a lot of labor into cutting out the visor area, sanding, filing, etc.

In everyone's humble opinion, is this still a decent bucket to work with? Worth noting that I am not aiming for 501st or 100% ROTJ screen accuracy. I have read where some have fixed the misaligned turn signal issue, but the warped keyhole area drives me a bit mad.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome as I am really torn about selling/replacing or forging ahead with this relic. Thanks!






Sr Hunter
It sure looks like an MS1. Marrow Sun is still on the board, although he doesn't post much these days. Maybe he'll confirm
if he sees this. Later MS helmets had differences like more squared off upper cheek corners, and a different ear attachment
method with some built-in alignment slots (if I remember right).

It might not be as uber-accurate as some of the more recent helmets, but if you're looking at painting it for display in your
collection, I think it would be perfectly fine. I'm sure there are members out there who still troop in MS buckets.