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New DUAL helmet fan kits, powered by 4 AA batteries in a switch box. $37 each shipped CONUS, all PayPal fees included.

These are, in my opinion, the best balance between airflow and battery life. I tested these at 3.5 hours of continuous use before the batteries died. This is shorter than some out there, but these provide better airflow than the others I have tried! Most troops are much shorter, so you are maximizing airflow rather than trying to get more life out of the batteries, keeping you cooler during troops!

Back in early 2014, I set out to make something that would fit in my helmet better than what I had tried before and through those months of trial and error, working in collaboration with members of my local garrison, came up with this combination. These are high-quality, high-output, small form-factor fans that are hand-soldered and heat-shrunk at the junctions. I use copper wiring and personally test each fan prior to sending it out; this is my name on the product and I take that very seriously. I fully understand that trust is something earned, and I hope I have the opportunity to earn yours.

I buy top-quality components in bulk from overseas to pass the savings on to you. It is important to me that each costumer can afford cooling in their buckets to help them troop longer and have more fun doing it!

These fans draw from one side, so they are easy to install in your helmet, either by velcro or elastic and can draw air in from the outside to keep you cooler!

How to get one (or more!):

Post here with your interest and send me a PM with your PayPal address. I will invoice you when yours is ready to ship! I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT UNTIL THE PRODUCT IS READY TO SHIP!!

US and Puerto Rico pricing is as follows:

$37 shipped for 1 Trooper fan sets

$67 shipped for 2 Trooper fan sets

$99 shipped for 3 Trooper fan sets

Most-of Canada Pricing (PM with address for accurate shipping quote):

$59 USD shipped for 1 Trooper fan set
$89 USD shipped for 2 Trooper fan sets

Most-of Europe and Japan Pricing (PM with address for accurate shipping quote)

$68 USD shipped for 1 Trooper fan set
$98 USD shipped for 2 Trooper fan sets
]NOW INTRODUCING: THE solution for masked costumes...The Tusken Cooler!


Featuring my same slim fan with a quick disconnect connector...easily hide the box elsewhere, run the cable up into the mask and connect!

These are the same price as my dual-fan kit...$37 shipped US!


I'm pleased to announce the 2.0 version of my rechargeable helmet fan solution: The DOUBLE TAP!

In the winter of 2014, I did some work to come up with a solution that could combine my small form factor fans with a rechargeable power supply. After a LOT of trial and error over that year, I'm happy to say that I finally have a solution that I can share with everyone!

Several challenges came to the forefront as I used the initial design in my own personal bucket: Would the batteries last long enough? What if I forgot to charge the batteries before a troop? How do I keep the cost affordable?

The Double Tap comes with 2 of my small blower fans, connected to a quick disconnect locking connector like I use for the Tusken Cooler. I also include 1 matching, high-quality USB connector and my standard 4 x AA switch box. Have a full battery? Save money and use the USB! Forget to charge it? Switch to AA power within seconds!! I keep the disconnect close to the power supply for quick changes without having to remove your fans!

My standard configuration comes with everything seen above:

1 x Dual Fan Kit
1 x USB Connection
1 x Quad AA Battery Switch Box

All yours for $57 Shipped US/PR! $79 Shipped Canada! $88 Shipped most other International locations (PM with address for accurate quote)


Need a battery? The SLIM Config includes a battery measuring just over 3mm thick for an easy install in just about any bucket! Battery life is tested this consistently at 3.5 hours continuous use on a 4 hour charge.

My SLIM configuration comes with everything below:

1 x Dual Fan Kit
1 x USB Connection
1 x Quad AA Battery Switch Box
1 x USB Rechargeable SLIM Battery for Easiest Install
1 x USB Power recharge cable


Some of the battery colors offered. Not all colors are available at all times, so please ask if you want a particular color for stock status.

All yours for $67 Shipped CONUS (No International shipping of batteries, sorry!)

1 additional SLIM battery and USB cable is available for $10, shipped free with a fan set.

Ready to Order? Post here and send me a PM with the following info:

1. Which configuration you'd like to order (The Trooper, the Tusken Cooler, The Double Tap, or the SLIM)
2. How many of each
3. Your Paypal email

I'll send you the invoice as soon as I'm ready to ship! I do NOT accept payment until I am ready to ship your product! I value your trust and strive to have every order turned around within 1 business day of payment clearance.

THANK YOU for your support! I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help members stay cooler and troop longer!

Thanks again and please ask any questions you might have!
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Just a quick note! I'll be hanging with my brothers in KC this weekend at Planet Comicon...meaning any orders that are paid by early Thursday will be out this week. With the US holiday on Monday, any other orders wouldn't be ready to ship until Tuesday at the earliest.

As always, send me a PM and I'll do my best to respond as quickly as possible!!



My latest batch of batteries has included a very select few of some never before offered colors, including PINK (I'm looking at you, Sabine!!) and GREEN!

These are limited supply and once I'm out, I'm out..! Only available with the Double Tap SLIM fan sets!
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