helmet damage repair question.


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last night i had my 95' dp on the counter and the damn cat knocked it off, hitting thr ground i heard a sound that i didnt like. from the right side of the visor through the rangefinder earpiece to the back of the helmet is a hairline fracture that went all the way through. so its almost two pieces. but hanging on 30% left of the back of the helmet. do any of you have any solutions to fix this? and what materials and what techniques could i used to make this stronger like putting in a frame around the helmet to support the weak point of the crack. will super glue work, or is there something better out there to bond whatever type od plastic this is made from. has anyone else had a accident with there helmet cracking or breaking apart? please any help will be gladly apreciated.

You can fiberglass the inside at the crack, just rough the inside up alot. Glue the crap out of it with super strength crazy glue and fiberglass over top of it. If you want to get rid of the seam you might think about sanding and repainting, I know it sucks but it might be the best option. After the glue dries you can bondo the the seam and smooth the helmet out agian.

superglue isnt gonna hold, unless the cut some support strips to place between the crack and glue it that way. still your gonna see the crack regardless.
thank you. i will update you on how it went. this bondo stuff, where can i get it? and i have no idea how to apply it or what it looks like. also this helmet, is not complete. its not repainted. its basically a still perfect dp 95. just need to repair the crack. well i heard of people using flat metal rods to keep the warps away. do you think i could use some type of bendible metal flat rods to the sides for support? its needs a lot of work.but i figure if i take the time i can fix it.and what grade of sand paper should i use for the helmet to prep for primer. and the set rule is..sand, prim, paint. layer, complete? well i thank you again for your help.

Dont need any metal to keep it together, utilize this website and look for repairing damaged helmets. That should give you an idea of what supplies and tools you need, and bondo is just a filler to fill the crack it doesnt hold anything together.

both the fiberglass/resin and bondo can be found and wal-mart in the automotive section. both show you how to use and apply it. Once you glue the crack and fiberglass it, it aint coming apart it will break in another place first.
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