Helmet and armour purchased in Australia


I just purchased this helmet and armour from a guy over here in Australia. I paid US $300 in total for the helmet and armour which I figured was a pretty good deal, since it also came with led chest display, gloves and wookie braids.

The armour is a mix of fibreglass and abs pieces (back pieces not shown in photo) and the helmet is fibreglass. The flash on my camera has affected the colours a little but I was fairly happy with the purchase.

However since reading these forums I'm starting to wonder about the origin of the helmet because I suspect it may be a recast. Given the depth of knowledge on these forums, I would grateful to hear some of your opinions.





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Nice score man! I Don't know much about Altmann's buckets, But I believe he was out of Australia. So, yours might be an original.


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While I agree altmans are decent helmets, I don't think I would prefer the altmanns over the SGTfang, MLC or MSH. Couple things that bother me about it are the visor squaring off/not going further like that. Something about the dome is starting to bother me too.


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That doesn't look like an Altmann's to me. The mandibles are too far apart. Altmann's have a very narrow "nose". Yours also seems to have a different flare.


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I can't remember, but it's either an Altmann's or DP Deluxe recast. Overall, it doesn't look too bad (dent is a bit large though). You could re-paint the armor to get it more screen accurate, but for the price I think you did well.

I agree, the dent is certainly too big.

I thought a couple more pictures might help give you a better idea of the general shape of the bucket...