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First of all, this is my first post and I would like to say hello to everyone here. I have read many of these posts and I am amazed at the skill that I have seen here. I am absolutly brand new to 1:1 collecting, especially to this type of it.

I am looking at purchasing a mystery helmet to begin my journey of completing a set of Fett armor. Unfortunatly, I suck at detailing and was wondering if anyone out there painted helmets on the side. I am sure it is an arduous and painful process to paint one fully and I would be willing to give it a shot with help from you guys. I am active duty Air Force and don't have much time for hobbies with college at night and flying in between so this could take a while. Also, if someone could point me toward some quality armor, soft goods, etc that would be super. I have been looking here <http://www.tk409.com/fett.html> and they seem to have good stuff but I am untrained at this right now. Thanks for everyones help in advance!
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first TK-409 had OUTSTNADING STUFF!!!! and hes a nice guy. As for that use the search to find stuff quick. There are a few painters here as long as your will to fork over the $$$$$$$. But being that your a officer (since you fly) you should have plenty of money to do so;) I know if I can do this on a enlisted pay check you can do it. Ill PM you with some details,

Open your wallet wide stud!!!!!
LOL I am no officer :)! I am an enlisted aircrew member (Flight Engineer). This puts me at the bottom of the food chain (well, at least above the Aerial Gunners LOL)! Thanks for your help though. I realize I will have to pay good money to make a set correctly but I can never do anything half way. It will just take me a little while longer.
Woo hoo! Air Force! I'm a poor enlisted guy too :) and I'm gonna be doing my own mystery helmet here soon. I don't have a lot of spare time myself, so it'll probably take quite some time, but I'm looking forward to it.
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