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Firstly a big hello to everyone on the website from another newbie in the sunny climes of the UK. I hope to learn many more things about Boba Fett and his costume from what I can already see is a quality community.
I am beginning to build my costume ready for Halloween 2007 so plenty of time to get it right and have already begun by purchasing the Ltd Ed. EE3 blaster from MR (picked this first because I believe it will only increase in value and I'm a stickler for detail). What I would like to know is what is the most accurate sized available to buy primed and ready to paint, and from whom can I purchase it? My head is 22 and a half inches (size 7 USA boonie) and I don't want something too big nor too small but movie accurate. So far I seem to be in favour of the MSH2. Any advice from anyone would be very welcome.
Thanks ppl.
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Hello there and welcome to TDH. That is a sweet blaster one of the very best I think. Now, firstly about the helmet question. its not as cut and dry as all that. As you might know some people have a personal preference.

Because there are so many helmets to choose from that are so -stunning- Just to name a few makers -Fettpride-Bobamaker-Skygunbro-Sgt. Fang-Marrow Sun- do your research and watch out for Ebay, money is easily lost in this hobbie from snap decisions.


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Welcome to TDH!!

You've got an amazing helmet builder as a neighbor in the UK! BobaMaker is one of the best in helmet makers, and his helmet is amazing in detail. I'll be buying a helmet from him in a day or two, maybe tomorrow!! Let me PM you the detail about it :)

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There's always the good ol' SrgtFang Mystery Helmet. Its resin and movie accurate and its pretty cheap right now due to his sale that he has going on. Check out the RPF junkyard for more info.

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Welcome from me too.

I just want to tell you, a year can fly away in no time when involved in building a Fett suit.

I started November 05 and wanted to finish it till Halloween 06 but I still have to do some big items. Good luck and have a nice trip through the process :)

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Thanks for the replies so far everyone. GCNgamer128 - PM received and found to be most helpful so a big thank you for that one!!
Ob1al - "Always a pleasure to meet a ...." TOON FAN. Any Blackburn supporters in the house? lol

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Welcome to TDH! I'll have to agree, contact Bobamaker a his props etc are very well created and come generally primered and ready for paint. It's going to cost you considerably more, and you'll have to wait several weeks but it's worth the wait. I have a Sgt. Fang bucket now which should set you back just over $100 US, but you'll have to do quite a bit of Bondo work to get it straightened out. Oh, and don't even consider a Rubies helmet, they're tiny and not really something you'll want to waste money on when you can go ahead and get a helmet you'll be able to use for years for not a whole lot more cash...Good luck!

I'm a newcomer and in the same situation. After spending quite some time looking at my options, I think I'm going for either MS3 or Bobamaker. I understand both are great helmets (and they look amazing from the photos I've seen), but I would love to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of these two buckets.

Also, I'm about the same build as Jeremy B (or slightly bigger at 183cm and 77kg) so I'm figuring a helmet size as close to the real thing as possible makes sense. I really can't stand the look of a too small helmet. Which of the two is bigger?



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Firstly welcome to TDH, you've come to the right place for all things Boba that's for sure!

Others have already recommended BobaMaker and I'd like to do the same.
Having purchased and painted one of his superb helmets, they come fully sanded, primed and ready to paint, even the keyslots are cut out!!!

I was so impressed that I'm awaiting my next one to paint up!!!

If you're in the UK I can't recommend him enough.



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it's in the code of conduct, BM is the only one who can post his website, for protection reasons.I'm not saying you cant supply someone with the website, just do it in a PM.


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Metatron- you just need to edit your post and delete the link.

The wbsite doesn't need to be deleted, just the link on the public forum.


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it's in the code of conduct, BM is the only one who can post his website, for protection reasons.I'm not saying you cant supply someone with the website, just do it in a PM.

Oh I thought you were talking about removing from the internet. The codes of conduct on this Forum seem kind of weird to me compared to other Forums I am a part of. Any links to vendors or people that can help those of us in the community are welcomed. Makes things easier to get to, and not hush hush. I mean to find out where to go and get a particulare part is going to be told in a PM if someone really wants to know. It's just a longer process to go to a PM. Am I making any sence here? Actually on one Forum I am on there is a thread headline called "PRODUCT REVIEWS". People who have purchaced different parts from different vendors give their openion of that product and compare it to other vendors and links to vendors so people can easily go to the page to get what they are looking for.