Hello from Zaragoza, Spain!


New Hunter
I hope and I wish you all were well.
I am a member of the 501st, TD19311 Santrooper for two years ago.
In this time, I have discovered wonderful people who have allowed me to be able to help those who may have needed us. It is something very exciting to shake hands with a child in a hospital, see his face and make his life a little less difficult.
I entered the 501st as a result of a visit made by members of my city, Zaragoza, when my newborn daughter was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. We spent some very hard months and I promised myself to make life easier and help anyone who might need us.
After making me the Sandtrooper suit, I decided to start with the Boba Fett ROTJ project.
I've been collecting information for a few months. Initially I had a million doubts. Currently only a few hundred thousand.
I already have enough pieces of cloth and I still have to find some.
Specifically, I need:
- Girth Belt
- Wookiee Scalps
- Jetpack Harness Vest or similar system
Any ideas about them?
Then I'll start with the armor and I'll put pictures so you can advise me on improvements to make.
Thanks for your welcome.
All the best.