Hello from Washington


New Hunter
I'm a newbie from the 501st and after finishing a TK, I'm eager to start a ROTJ Boba Fett.

I've been on the site researching and I'm slowly going to start buying parts. I know this is going to be an expensive build, compared to my TK.

I've ordered my boots and am waiting for a run of gloves. I'm looking at the helmet and armor next.

Can't wait to start receiving the goodies!


Welcome !! Good luck on your build !!! It sounds like you're off to a good start.
Looking forward to seeing your progress pics !!


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I suggest Wasted Fett for helmet and armor especially if you're in the States. Animefan also makes armor but he's in Canada which might be closer geographically to you if you're in Washington State. I believe he's around Vancouver but I could be wrong.