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Hiya all I hope that you are all well and having fun on this fine day.

I wanted to introduce my self.

I am from the UK and aged 42 and like all things star wars!.

I have recently started making and selling Star wars props, most of the things i sell at the moment are to do with boba fett, but i do sell other items.

I am always happy to make other things if i can do so, I enjoy the challenge of making a new toy!.
most of the items i make are either 3d printed or resin.

at the moment i am selling on Etsy and ebay.

You can find me on Etsy by searching for fairpriceprops, or in ebay if you search for boba fett jet pack kit and then you can click to see my other items as well.

or you can click the below links.

FairpriceProps by FairpriceProps
Star wars Boba fett Jet Pack Full Kit | eBay

I have been selling on ebay for quite a while, i know that a lot of people do not like buying from ebay sellers due to issues they have had in the past, but i pride myself on how well i treat every purchase from start to finish, this is reflected in my feedback which is 100% positive.

I have always wanted to offer props at a fair price to the masses, but as just like a lot of people i too do not always have the funds to buy the very best, not saying that the stuff i sell is not good because it is, please come and take a look at what i make and sell.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
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