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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Pblizzard, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Pblizzard

    Pblizzard New Member

    Hello everyone. My name is Patrick Blizzard and I currently live in NW Florida and I'm looking forward to getting started on a ESB Boba Fett. I have just wrapped up my Scout Trooper and submitting it for 501st approval and looking for a new project. I'm learning a lot from the group already, especially on where to start finding items. I have a helmet on way from Lou at DVH props and wait to start this build.
  2. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Welcome Patrick! I love Lou's helmet and jetpack, I got both for my build. ESB Fett is a journey not unlike Dante through the circles of Hell, but if you stick with it, you'll emerge on the other side with a LOT of skills you didn't realize you could master, a new appreciation of early 1980s prop makers, and an awesome looking suit worthy of the galaxy's best bounty hunter. Good luck to you. :D
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  3. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Welcome aboard Patrick !! Good Luck on your build !! Enjoy the cruise !!
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  4. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    Where are you located? Im stationed at Tyndall....welcome to TDH
  5. Pblizzard

    Pblizzard New Member

    I’m stationed at Eglin actually.
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  6. Ghost_Fett

    Ghost_Fett Member

    Welcome to the forums! You are in the right place :)
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  7. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    I had a son in law that was stationed at Hulburt. He worked in the C-130 engine shop.
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  8. Pblizzard

    Pblizzard New Member

    Yea, I actually work F-16's over at Eglin

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