Hello from California!


New Hunter
Hello friends!

Senior in college here begging the slow process of putting together my very own ESB Boba Fett to hopefully join the 501st. My current goal is to get everything but the armor and weapons gathered together by summer. I call these the “soft items” such as the flight suit, ammo belt, wookie braids, etc. So far I’ve ordered a ESB cape from MOW and am excited as ever to start this long and expensive journey.

Looking forward to talking with y’all and sharing our common goal and passion.

Have a good one!


Welcome Jacob !! Take your time, enjoy the build, read a lot, look at as many build threads as you can, and don't be tempted to buy stuff off of ebay unless you're positive of the quality of the item you're buying. (most, but not all will not meet 501st expectations) I see you're off to a good start buying your cape from MOW. There's plenty of quality providers on the site for your build. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post them, there's plenty of knowledgeable members that are glad to help !!